Meet the crew

Serving the sunshine coast since 1981.

Mr. Tim Payne

Owner of Seabird Rentals LTD since 1981

Mr. Tim Payne is the founder and owner of Seabird Rentals since 1981. Tim has built up an excellent inventory that will get the job completed right the first time. You can come in and talk to Tim for his expert advice. He is at the shop Mon-Friday at 7:30AM-2PM~

Mr. Brendan Laird

Store Manager and Sales

Brendan has worked with Seabird Rentals since 2011. He can answer just about anything you need to know about your equipment and ours. Brendan is our go to Sales Manager, if you want to know a price, see Brendan! He is in the shop Monday-Friday 7:30AM-5PM and every other Saturday.

Mr. Ryley Dempster

Vice President of Tele-Communications

Ryley has worked for Seabird Rentals since he was 15 years old.  He is our talented mechanic and can fix just about anything. Ryley has knowledge of all of our equipment and yours. He can give you the best advice for taking care of your equipment and ours. He is our go to guy when it comes to anything with a motor! You can see Ryley Mon-Friday 8:00AM-5PM and 9AM-5PM every other Saturday.

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